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Purchasing through our Wholesale Pallet (Department Store Direct) Program is a great option for brokers, wholesalers, distributors, and larger retailers because it offers the lowest cost per unit on department store overstock.  We can broker shipments to you or your client directly from the department store distribution centers.

Spreadsheets are updated on a monthly basis. You can browse by Distribution Center to find the inventory that matches your needs. Categories available may include Children’s Apparel, Women’s Sportswear (either Designer or Budget lots), Men’s Sportswear, Suits, Dresses, Footwear, Domestics, Luggage, Housewares, Intimates, Outerwear, Swimwear and more! Categories available are always subject to change based on the department stores’ current inventory.  Pallets are available on a First-Come, First-Served basis.  If you are interested in a particular load, please call or e-mail us to check on the current availability.

Once you determine the lot that you are interested in purchasing, let us know and we can place the lot on hold for you. Payment must be made within 24 hours in the form of a bank wire transfer. The orders are typically released from the distribution center 24-48 hours after confirming payment. We are happy to arrange shipping on your behalf from the distribution center to your location, or you are also able to arrange your own freight or pick-up if you prefer. (Our $5 flat rate shipping policy does not apply to the wholesale pallet program.)

Purchasing wholesale pallets is not for everyone --- keep in mind that you will need to be able to purchase in larger volumes and have tolerance for product and seasonal variance, among other things. 

Here are a few things that you should consider when considering the Wholesale Pallet Program:

Shipping Charges:  Our Free Shipping and Discounted Shipping Offers do NOT apply to the Wholesale Pallet Program; you are responsible for the freight charges.

Higher Minimums:  When purchasing directly from our warehouse, you may purchase as few as just 100 pieces. Purchasing through this program will require that you are able to purchase in pallet quantities.  We require that you meet a $2,500.00 minimum purchase.  Multiple lots can be purchased together to meet the minimum.

Seasonality Is Not Guaranteed: You must be able to receive merchandise for any season. Although the department stores can usually indicate the primary seasonality of the merchandise being shipped, there are no guarantees regarding the percentage of seasonal merchandise. You will almost always receive merchandise for mixed seasons in each wholesale pallet shipment.

Damages: Although you can elect to receive First Quality items, you can still expect to receive some damaged merchandise. The percentage of damages is unknown and cannot be guaranteed on wholesale pallet lots. Although we typically see damages in the 5-10% range, we suggest that you allow for at least 15% damages but keep in mind that they could be higher. (Returns lots will generally be higher in damages than First Quality / Storestock lots)

Piece Count: Piece counts are not guaranteed. The department stores' Salvage Liquidation policy is that All Sales are Final; no refunds or adjustments will be given. It is possible that you may receive incorrect items or experience a shortage. We do not often receive incorrect items, but we do typically experience shortages. Please expect that there will be a variance in the number of items that you receive vs. the number that you ordered. A 3-5% shortage is very typical. Please factor potential shortages and damages into your per unit cost when determining your true cost per unit when purchasing wholesale pallet lots.

Duplicates: Most lots do generally have a nice assortment of item types and brands, but please be aware that the possibility for receiving large quantities of identical items does exist.

Accessories: You must be able to receive Accessories when purchasing apparel lots. You will receive accessories in both the Men's and Children's categories. Men's accessories may include but are not limited to underwear, socks, ties, hats and more. Children's accessories may include but are not limited to underwear, socks, stuffed animals, belts, hats, jewelry, toys and more. Women's accessories may be purchased separately if desired.

If the above criteria meet your needs, purchasing through the Wholesale Pallet Program may be a great option for you to purchase in greater volumes and reduce costs. This is the way that we purchase from the department stores and it works very well with our business model. Depending on your company size budget and level of tolerance for some of the above mentioned criteria (seasonality, duplication, damages, item types, etc), this method of purchasing may work well for you too.

If your space and budget do not allow for some of the above variances, please consider purchasing either smaller lots or pallets directly from our warehouse. Our price per piece will be higher, but we do offer smaller lots, more guarantees (piece count, no damages) and greater levels of customization (seasonality, size range, item types).

Women's Designer Dresses ~ 92% OFF MSRP [Download]

Contemporary Junior Apparel ~ 89% OFF MSRP [Download]

Women's Designer Ready to Wear ~ 92% OFF MSRP [Download]


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