Traditional Marketing Reimagined

Posted May 22, 2013 – 2:44 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

We wanted to give some attention to the traditional ways retailers can market their business to future customers. There are many ways to do this, but we will talk about 4 practical tips everyone can use.

1. Personalized Stationery

Use your store’s logo, color scheme, and slogan to be a recurring theme across all stationery items. These could include business cards, flyers, official letterhead, return address labels, or invitations to special events.

Business cards are inexpensive enough to get through a source like Vistaprint. Even their “free” pre-made templates are pretty cute!

Make sure to create a unique letterhead with your logo and contact info. We just recently created our own professional letterhead using Microsoft word by followed this easy instructional blog.

perfect business card


2. Networking

Take a chance to network with other business owners. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, small business center, or incubator to find these connections. These relationships can facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge, and skills. You may also meet a business owner to partner with for a special event. This will give you double the exposure and may lead to potentially new customers.


3. Generous Exposure

Think about donating your product or service to a charity event, church auction, or school fundraiser.

Not sure how to find these? Do a quick Google search for fundraising auctions in your area from schools, churches, or charities.

If you missed the event this year, put it on your schedule and reach out to the coordinator before the event next year. Also through Tip 2 – networking – you can make these connections.

marketing auction


4. New Take on Print Advertising

As less and less people are subscribing to delivered magazines and newspapers, you might think print advertising is useless. But here is a decent alternative. Find a local or college newspaper that gets distributed for free in your city. Customers can pick these up for free at restaurants, grocery stores, and retail shops.

Having your ad in these free papers may reach new customers. Use Tip 1 – personalized stationery – to design your advertisement.

You could also include a coupon to track your return on investment. In this way you can determine if you received enough new business from this print ad.

If it is not working for your business as with any marketing technique feel free to move on to something more appropriate!

marketing city paper


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