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We have talked about social media before and how to get started with it, but in this post we will give some practical tips and examples for how you can get social with your customers and followers. Shout out to Tucker Berta who hosted a seminar at Atlanta Apparel Mart about social media! Taking some of her tips and our own experience, check out these suggestions:

Social Media Retailer

1. Claim your name. On any social media platform keep your business’s name consistent. You can easily go into the settings of FB and Pinterest to rename your page. And pick a Twitter handle that matches your business name.

Example: Blu Bow Boutique – a women’s trendy upscale boutique carrying apparel and accessories


Twitter: @blubowboutique


This way your customers and followers will know how to find you easily.

2. Follow Back. A great way to gain more followers is to reciprocate the gesture to another business. Everyone likes more followers!

Scenario: Blu Bow Boutique Owner meets Paper Plus Stationary Owner

Blu Bow Owner, “Hey! I’d love to follow you on Twitter/like your page on Facebook, would you follow back?”

Now those people connected to Paper Plus are becoming familiar with Blu Bow Boutique and vice-versa. It’s a WIN WIN!

SPECIAL NOTE: Take the time to reach out and collaborate with any retail neighbors.

Example: Blu Bow Boutique asks the Gourmet Food Shop next door if they could host a special “Shop and Taste” event. With both businesses promoting the event on their social media sites Blu Bow Boutique gets twice the exposure for the store and potentially new followers/customers!

In store Social Event

3. Frequency & Timing. Making a plan for managing your social media sites can keep you from going crazy when it comes to posting and updating and Tweeting. Do what feels natural for you, your business, and your customers. But some general rules:

FB postings 1 – 4 times per week have a 71% higher engagement

Wednesdays are the best day to post

Best times to post are after business hours 8PM – 7AM

Sit down and make a quick list of your social media plan for the week (try to post one item at least 3 – 4 times a week)

4. Content Creative. Once you determine the frequency of your social media postings here are ideas of how to create content that attracts customers.

Pictures: Blu Bow Boutique posts a pic of their customer trying on a scarf and tells their followers, “Come by today to pick up one of these lovely scarves for only $17”

New Products: Blu Bow Boutique receives an order of cocktail dresses and posts, “Brand new cocktail dresses from designers Michael Kors, Tahari, Savannah Rae – 10% off through the weekend!”

Questions/Directives: Blu Bow Boutique uses this to get the conversation started with their followers and get new followers by having people share with others.

Example: “Tell us – do you wear flats or heels with a maxidress?”

Example: “Like and share for a chance to win this new cropped blazer”

Link to Something Good: This facilitates co-branding. Blu Bow Boutique likes to Re-Tweet and Share articles about fashion from magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. This is super fast and easy!

Social Networking Retailers


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