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Posted June 26, 2013 – 1:32 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

During the year, all retailers will experience a sales slump. This often happens during the summer when many of your customers are more focused on vacation plans, kids out of school, or general relaxing.

summer sales slump retail tips

How can you harness the sales slump for your benefit and even increase sales and customer base in the process?? Check out these retail tips and be creative:


1. Take advantage of the downtime

– Begin implementing your social media presence or start a blog to promote your store.

– Rearrange your store to give it a fresh look.

– Use traditional marketing techniques that you haven’t already started.

– Take a vacation for yourself and come back to your business rejuvenated and with new creative energy.


2. Bring in new merchandise

– Even if you are perfectly stocked for summer bring in new pieces and rotate out old ones.

– Customers love variety!! Having fresh new items can keep the foot traffic coming through your store.

– Take a look at our below wholesale sample collections to bring in some new merchandise and our Summer Dress Sale! Stock up on new inventory at rock bottom prices.

retail tips summer dress


3. Reconnect with customer and acquire new ones

– Throw a special summer party. At the party you can highlight your newly arranged store and any new merchandise you have.

– Invite your current customers and give them an incentive to invite their friends.

– Take photos and video to post on your social media sites and your blog. Encourage those who attend the event to do the same, and tag your store.

– Build your mailing list at the event by asking for email addresses from the attendees; then keep in contact with these customers throughout the summer.

summer retail party

Use your slower sale seasons as a way to try new marketing techniques and reach out to new customers. And keep in mind that even though you are in a slump things will get busy again, so take a deep breath and enjoy the downtime!

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