The Secret to Buying Both Quality & Quantity

Posted January 15, 2013 – 7:15 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

Our Wholesale Pallet Program offers the option to purchase a large quantity of overstock inventory direct from department store distribution. This means you receive larger quantities of merchandise but at a lower cost per individual unit.

quantity, quality

While wholesale pallets offer a lower cost per unit they do require a larger upfront investment then our traditional collections. We require a $2,500 minimum purchase (multiple lots can be combined to reach this minimum); this often means that per unit costs can be as low as $0.50 depending on the particular lot. This option has been very beneficial for brokers, wholesalers, distributors, and large retailers because it does offer the lowest cost per unit and will be shipped directly from the distribution center to you.

Madison Avenue Closeouts frequently updates spreadsheets available under our Wholesale Pallets section. Our customers can browse by distribution center, merchandise category, and price to find the inventory which matches their needs. Categories such as children’s, women’s, and men’s apparel, suits, dresses, footwear, housewares, intimates, outerwear, and more are often available but are subject to change based on the department stores current inventory.

Depending on your company size, budget, and level of tolerance for the factors mentioned HERE, this method of purchasing may be a great fit!

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