Product Descriptions that Speak to Your Customers

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Have you ever wondered how to go about writing a product description?

As a retailer is is important to have a good feel for presenting your merchandise in words. You have the chance to convey so much with a good product description! An online store, print ads, or Facebook are just a few places you can use product descriptions.

product description, think

1. Quality will always go farther than quantity

You don’t need to write a book, just keep your descriptions tailored and to the point. Aim to get across the key information customers will want to know and try to think like a customer so you can put in the info they will like to read.

To become familiar with verbiage and style, take some time to check out product descriptions online, but don’t copy other descriptions…You know YOUR customers best!


product description print

An example of a print ad with a product description!


2. Know your merchandise and the features it has to offer.

Give your customers specifics that they will have questions about – size, color, material, price. Also, give some suggestions for how your customers could use the product, what sets it apart, and the benefits they will get from owning it.


3. Go a little bit outside of the box.

See product descriptions as a chance to use fun adjectives and descriptive phrases. If you can get excited about your product and put it into words – your customers will be excited as well.


product description


4. Use your friends.

Have someone else read your description for editing purposes. They will be able to offer suggestions, read from the customer’s point of view, and in that way maximize the power of your product description.


product description

An outsider can come with a fresh outlook on your product description.


Enjoy the process of marketing your merchandise through product descriptions!

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