Pairing your Products- A Must!

Posted April 20, 2016 – 6:54 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

It’s so fun and exciting to watch new styles evolve year after year, season after season. From vintage styles returning with modern touches and tweaks, to all new creative styles being born and made unique by each who embraces it.

One thing we’ve taken notice of in current trends is the individuality being embraced. People are starting to shy away from what everyone is doing, to pave a way for their true comfort and personal style. Women are rocking their natural hair rather than curling and flat ironing to try to match with the masses. Men are sporting longer hair and taking pride in stylish glasses- something once considered to be nerdy and unpopular, now is a statement of intelligence and class! It’s really beautiful to see people strive for this confident approach to fashion and the importance of being unique and comfortable in their own skin.

As a business in the fashion industry, a boutique owner, or someone that sells clothing and accessories online, presentation of your product is key. While we’ve touched on amazing ways to describe your products to your customers and guests, it is equally important that you present your products with matching items or innovative ideas so that people can bring these garments to life with their own personal touches.

For example, two people see a pink dress on your website or on display in your store. The first person catches a glimpse and thinks “this would go so well with my tan hat and boho accessories”. The second person sees the same item and thinks “I have a floral scarf and bright pink bangles that would match this perfectly!”. However, there are some people that need inspiration to see the potential that certain items of clothing have. I don’t know how many times I’ve been on the fence about buying something, and once I’ve seen it paired nicely with another item or accessories, I have got to have it!

This is where you come in! Use your creativity to inspire other people to see the potential in your inventory. Not everyone is super stylish but everyone wants to feel beautiful and comfortable. Lend some of your pizzazz to your store and give your customers brand new, creative ways to see the fashion on display.

Here are a couple of examples of different ways to pair the exact same item:

Pink dress two



Pink dress one









See what we mean? Women can wear the same dress but have very different looks and styles- all based on what the item is paired with. They can even take on multiple looks for one item and increase the life and functionality of your apparel:


Dress functionality

All of a sudden your dress just became their favorite dress and your store is now a place they trust and will return to. Try switching the items up on a regular basis and see how people respond. You’ll be surprised about the positive feedback and how far little creative touches can inspire people around you, and in turn, allow them to see their true confidence shine!

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