How to Open Your Own Women’s Clothing Boutique

Posted February 26, 2014 – 12:19 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

Opening up Your Own Small Business Specializing in Women’s Clothing can be a Great Way to Earn Income and Do More of What You Love

Increase_Storefront2Being a small business owner often allows you many opportunities including the possibility of flexible hours and the chance to be your own boss. If you love fashion, starting your own women’s clothing boutique can be an excellent way to become involved in the world of fashion and earn a living at the same time. Women with young children often find they can easily start such a business and have time to be there for their growing kids as well.

If you want to open up a women’s clothing boutique, you will have several factors to think about. A brick and mortar clothing boutique requires a physical location that has enough space to display your wares effectively to potential customers. Location is perhaps the most important aspect when opening up such a boutique. A good location will vary depending on your needs. In general, a good location will be one that allows you to commute there easily, has rent you can afford and has enough pedestrian traffic to help assure a steady flow of buyers.

A good location will also have enough storage space for you to store your wholesale clothing purchases. When opening up a boutique clothing store you will most likely want to purchase wholesale women’s clothing in bulk from wholesale apparel distributors like Madison Avenue Closeouts. Doing so has many advantages. Such advantages include the opportunity to buy from a quality supplier, have a specific look that you can market to your customers and have a very good idea of the kind of pricing you should consider.

For example, if you have a reliable wholesaler, you can typically get well-below wholesale pricing from them. You have the opportunity to know that you be able to buy as much as you of a certain dress for a specific price. You can then turn around and sell the dress you’ve bought at a specific price for a specific profit.

Special Offers to Help Boutique Owners

A reputable wholesale clothing dealer will able to be able to provide you with access to hot looks within a reasonable time frame. For example, women often see a starlet wearing a certain dress at an awards show or other occasion. They may want to purchase a copy or a similar look within a fairly quick time frame. The effective and reliable wholesaler can help you find a similar look for your customers at a price they can afford, with the quality they need at a price that will allow you to make a nice income from the sales.

Another important consideration when opening up a brick and mortar women’s clothing boutique is the layout of the store. Some commercial landlords have bare layouts that the owner can customize to suit their needs. Others have an already made layout that the existing renter must work with. The kind of layout you want depends on your preferences and needs.

If you have experience working in a woman’s clothing boutique, you may want to create your own layout, one that works best for you. If you have no such experience, a preexisting layout may be the best thing for you. Such a layout will allow you get your business off the ground initially. You can often move the shelving and display tables around afterwards if you decide another layout work best for your needs.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when opening and setting up your own woman’s clothing boutique. Careful preparation, close work with a reliable wholesaler and an understanding of your customer base are your keys to opening up a business that will suit your needs.

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