Online Boutique or Store Owner?? THIS is for YOU!

Posted July 31, 2012 – 9:02 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

If you own an online boutique or store, you are in an incredibly unique position of reaching a wide consumer audience and creating a dynamic shopping experience for those customers. Operating an online boutique is different from a brick-and-mortar store, and there are important points to consider.

Customers are much more willing to re-purchase from an online boutique when their experience has met or exceeded expectations. The way for your boutique to become successful can be achieved in several easy steps.



Website Quality

If you operate a store solely online establishing your website is crucial. The website becomes an extension of your brand which reaches from you to your customers. Web site design has been a main driver of customer’s purchase intention. It not only demonstrates an aesthetic function, but also aids in search engine optimization which will drive traffic to your website. Website quality also indicates an online store’s ability to be trusted. Customers will view a store that takes care of and maintains a professional website as a store which will take care of them.

Make the investment to have a professional design and launch your site. It is also a great idea to use your web designer for help with site updates, changes, and any specific questions!

Before long your customer’s shopping carts will be full!!!!!


Ease of Use

Another important factor for your customers is the website’s ease of use. It is very simple for online shoppers to compare products at other sites and within one-click switch to your competitor. The easier your site is to navigate the more time a customer will spend shopping your store. When your online boutique becomes a destination spot customers are much more likely to make a purchase.

Have your online store organized with categories, subcategories, a search bar for keywords, and an informative FAQ page. Also offering multiple methods of payment like PayPal, credit card, and wire transfers will increase ease of transaction contributing to the customers overall ease of using your website.


Product Descriptions

All of your products should have a concise description highlighting quality information. The novelty of shopping can often be lost when individuals shop online. Online boutiques can bring back the joy and fun of shopping by beautifully describing the merchandise and providing high-quality pictures. Multiple photographs from different angles are important, and clothing should be shown on a mannequin or model to enhance the wearability factor for the customer.

With adequate information about your products, customers will feel very satisfied before purchasing and will be less likely to engage in returns!



Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach your customers, create a personal relationship with them, and promote your online store. It does not cost anything to create a dynamic presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and through blogging. It will take time and dedication to keep up with your social media sites but the payoff is often great.

Your customers will expect to connect with your online boutique through social media. In this way, it is a great avenue for you to announce new products, highlight sales, and incorporate promotions and giveaways for those who follow your online boutique.


Take some time to incorporate these steps organically into your online boutique.

In the e-commerce world things are ever changing, so be flexible, listen to your customers, and HAVE FUN!

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