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Posted October 31, 2012 – 8:10 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

Whether you are thinking of opening a clothing boutique or have been operating your own for some time, there are some keys things to consider. This blog may help guide those who are considering opening a boutique and may also give some good ideas to anyone who has been running a retail store.

To have a great boutique it is important to have beautiful clothes with a stylish edge but you also have to understand your target market and some basic business concepts. All of these things working together will help to make a successful clothing boutique.



Location, Location, Location. It is very important that you choose wisely when deciding where to position your boutique. You will do much better if your boutique is in an area that may already have a high traffic flow. That in itself is great marketing for your store. Choose a spot that may have other retail shops, restaurants, or attractions near your boutique. Be sure to differentiate your product mix so you are not in direct competition with the retailers around you!

If you’re in a spot where you are not getting much foot traffic then invest in marketing your boutique. Smart marketing moves will bring the customers to your store. This is also an important strategy if your boutique is in a great location. Anything that can highlight and feature your store will be positive in the long run.

If you don’t have a store website use Facebook to create a boutique page and Twitter to communicate with your customers. Participate in events within your community, like fashion shows or festivals. This is a great way to network and create word-of-mouth about your boutique. It may even be beneficial to coordinate with other retail stores that sell comparable merchandise to your clothing which will foster even more traffic. Be creative and proactive.


Target Market! This is crucial. Do not try to make your boutique fit everything for everyone. This will confuse your customers and you will probably feel over extended. Focus on a specific product mix and target customer. Master this and do it well, then consider expanding.

For example if you sell upscale women’s clothing and have an established customer base who – you have noticed – all have small children, maybe you could test out some children’s clothing and accessories that your customers might enjoy shopping for at your store. You could also begin to incorporate women’s shoes or handbags, and accessories.Keep your target customer in mind. This will help guide your with marketing efforts, purchasing inventory, and considering positive changes for the future.


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