Fashion Bargains for Spring 2014 – Stock Up Now to Meet the Demand!

Posted February 12, 2014 – 9:02 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

Finding Wholesale Bargains and Following Fashion Trends

Color_CockatooSpring is just around the corner and your customers are already starting to look past the snow and into their closets. As women’s thoughts turn to the prospect of warmer weather, they start to think about spring wardrobe planning. Spring is a time when many women buy new clothing for work, special occasion dresses and other items like shoes and hats.

As a retailer, you need to be ready to meet the Spring 2014 fashion needs of your customers, and as the warm season pushes forward, you need to have stock on hand to make sure their customers can easily find what they want.

How You Can Prepare for Springtime Shoppers

The best way to prepare for the up and coming spring rush is to make sure your store has all necessary stock on hand in advance. Many customers start planning their spring outfits as soon as March shows up. Families go looking in stores for the right Easter Sunday outfit walk to church in or attend a spring party or even go on vacation.

Buying wholesale lots is one of the best ways you can meet the coming demand. A single dress might be prohibitively expensive for a sufficient markup. However, the same dress, bought in quantities of fifteen to thirty piece lots, provides the lower costs you need to bolster your profit margin.

The same is very much true for many other products such as skirts and shoes. Buying in bulk is ideal. When buying in bulk, pay careful attention to the preferences of your customers. Think about what has sold in the past. If pastel and bright colors were popular last season, chances are they will also be popular this year.

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How to Spot the Trends

If you need to find out whats going to be popular and don’t know where to start, look carefully through fashion magazines and websites. For example, many designers and retailers have complete sections dedicated to the Spring 2014 fashion trends readily available for you to learn. Look through these great resources for guidance.

When do you begin stocking up for springtime shoppers, and which websites do you visit for inspiration and planning?

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