7 Tips for Choosing a Wholesale Clothing Supplier

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BrokeredPallets_from MACWhen you want to choose a wholesale clothing supplier, you must do your research, ask the right questions and get to the bottom of the issue quickly. When you make it a priority to spend a little extra time in advance, not only will you find a quality supplier for your needs, but you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

At Madison Avenue Closeouts, our goal is to be one of your wholesale clothing suppliers for women’s wear. We specialize in providing leading brands of apparel and accessories for your boutique or online store. Since we don’t carry many other items, here are seven tips for choosing other wholesale clothing suppliers to fill the rest of your shelves.

Buy Clothing in Bulk – If you run a shop, large or small, you should always strive to buy in bulk. When doing so, you can receive a large shipment of clothes to sell to your excited customers. More importantly, when you buy in a large lot, you can get a better deal. Think about it, if you can purchase 10-30 pieces at a time as we sell most of our women’s wholesale products, the seller will have an incentive to unload them for a lower price. This will, as mentioned, help you also please your customers when you can carry plenty of items in the same size and style. So, remember, first, you should ask the supplier if you can buy in bulk.

Look for Leading brands – If you want to make money and give your clients what they want and need, you must carry the leading brands that are likely to sell the quickest. With this, not only will people walk into your store to buy the top names, they are more likely to spend more money and return in the future. This is critical as you will want to set up good relationship with your clients. Simply put, if you offer the leading brands, your customers will return over and over.

Pallets of Wholesale Clothing – Now, if you want to get in on some good deals and offer your customers something special, you should ask the provider if they ever sell pallets of wholesale clothing. With returns, off-shelf buyouts and other clothing with no issues, you can get a great deal and pass the savings on to your buyers. Of course, some sellers are not forthcoming with this and you may want to ask ahead of time and remain persistent. Either way, if you want to get clothes on the cheap, you should ask the wholesaler if they sell in wholesale pallet amounts. At MAC, some of our best offers are in the wholesale clothing pallets we offer at discounted rates.

Great Selection of Sizes and Styles – Just as important as carrying leading brands, you need to offer a large selection to your clients. Think about it, some people will come in the store and have no idea on what they want or need. Other times, people will want to look at dozens of options. For this reason, when speaking with other wholesale clothing suppliers like ourselves, you must ask them if they offer a large selection of the products you carry in your store.

Company has a Strong Reputation – When you buy clothing from a wholesale supplier, you are taking a small risk. While not a huge deal, you must understand that you should find the highest quality organization offering plenty of customer services. To do this, you must make sure the company has a strong reputation and people have good things to say about the company. When you verify this, you can choose a provider without much fear.

Gives Back to the Area – Without a doubt, a successful company should, in due time, give back to the community. To do this, it should sponsor events, donate old items and give cash donations. If this is the case, you can choose a wholesale clothing supplier without fear. At Madison Avenue Closeouts, we give back to Feeding America, which helps feed those who are hungry in the USA. Remember, there are a lot of people in business and you should choose a company that gives back to the community.

Regular Newsletter – When you want to sell clothing, you should always have an idea of what is going on in the industry. If this is not the case, you will struggle to make your next move. For this reason, when you find a supplier, you should find one with a regular newsletter as this will offer you a chance to learn more about upcoming products and designs.

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