Fashion Hacking

Posted April 27, 2016 – 7:55 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

I’ve always loved the saying “Work smarter, not harder”. There are so many resources at the tips of our fingers that can make life easier, save us money, and channel our creativity. Today we are going to work smarter and show you a few of our favorite fashion hacks that you can do easily from home!


Accessories and Jewelry Hacking-
The key to completing a really great outfit is to accessorize! But what if your accessories are in need of a good cleaning and you’re short on time? Not a problem for a fashion hacker! To clean gold at home, simply pour a little light or amber colored beer in a bowl and apply to your jewelry with a gentle scrub from an old toothbrush. Give it a rinse with water and it’ll look like new! For silver, put a dollop of Ketchup on a damp rag and use the rag to polish the silver. After a quick rinse, it’ll shine bright again. For crystal or vintage jewelry, mix 2 parts water and one part vodka in a small bowl. Soak the jewelry for 5 minutes and dry with a soft cloth. This will allow you to extend the life of your jewelry and save you some money, honey.

Hack those Jeans –
A good pair of denim jeans can be worn for ages. Don’t let something like a zipper malfunction or color fading cause you grief when there’s an easy fix for each. If your zipper won’t stay zipped, try looping a key ring around the hole in your zipper. When you zip your pants up, loop the key ring around your button and then button your pants up as you normally would. You can even wash them without having to take the key ring off. What if the zipper is stuck? Try rubbing the zipper with the lead of a pencil or an unlit candle. Each acts as a lubricant for the zipper without creating a mess. Lets say you have dark washed jeans and you want to keep them from fading – wash the jeans with a half cup of distilled vinegar to keep that deep, dark hue.

Shoe Crazy Hacks –
Don’t you just hate when you buy the most gorgeous pair of shoes, but you have to break them in and blister your feet in the process? Not anymore! The next time you want to break in your shoes, let your patience take a hike and throw on the thickest socks you own. Put your shoes on with the thick socks and run a dryer over your feet for several minutes on a medium setting with the heat function on. The heat from the dryer will allow your shoes to expand to the size and shape of your foot, while the thick socks will make sure there’s room for you to be comfortable. Say those shoes are canvas sneakers, which are known for getting dirty very quickly. To extend the life of these sneakers, apply a coat of beeswax to waterproof the shoes and make them resistant to dirt and stains!

Hack your Hair –
It’s 7:30AM. You missed your alarm and you have thirty minutes to get to work – on top of that, you have a long commute and no time to shower. What on Earth do you do with your hair?! Try pouring some baby powder in the palm of your hand and work the powder evenly into your scalp. This will absorb the oil your hair accumulated overnight and give your hair a fresh look and smell. Throw your hair into a stylish bun and no one will know you overslept. For dry or damaged hair, you can make an at-home leave in conditioner from a mixture of raw eggs, mayo, and a touch of your own daily conditioner for a pleasant smell. Mix one raw egg (you might opt for more of each ingredient depending on the length and thickness of your hair), 2 tablespoons of mayo, and one tablespoon of conditioner. Spread the mixture on thick throughout your hair focusing on the ends and areas of damage. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag or plastic wrap for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well and enjoy the beautiful, soft results.

Give a Hack –
Everyone has a few items of clothing they could stand to lose. Clear out some space and be charitable by trying this trick either annually or every six months. Turn all of your hangers in your closet around. Every time you wear something, turn the hanger in the opposite direction so you can see what you’re wearing, and what’s just taking up space. At your six month or year mark, take out all the items you didn’t wear and donate them to people in need. It feels good to purge your old things, but even better to be selfless and help others around you.


We hope these simple tricks and hacks can help you keep the things you love longer, and learn to let go of the excess. Do you have any fashion hacks you’d like to share with Madison Avenue? We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas!

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Pairing your Products- A Must!

Posted April 20, 2016 – 6:54 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

It’s so fun and exciting to watch new styles evolve year after year, season after season. From vintage styles returning with modern touches and tweaks, to all new creative styles being born and made unique by each who embraces it.

One thing we’ve taken notice of in current trends is the individuality being embraced. People are starting to shy away from what everyone is doing, to pave a way for their true comfort and personal style. Women are rocking their natural hair rather than curling and flat ironing to try to match with the masses. Men are sporting longer hair and taking pride in stylish glasses- something once considered to be nerdy and unpopular, now is a statement of intelligence and class! It’s really beautiful to see people strive for this confident approach to fashion and the importance of being unique and comfortable in their own skin.

As a business in the fashion industry, a boutique owner, or someone that sells clothing and accessories online, presentation of your product is key. While we’ve touched on amazing ways to describe your products to your customers and guests, it is equally important that you present your products with matching items or innovative ideas so that people can bring these garments to life with their own personal touches.

For example, two people see a pink dress on your website or on display in your store. The first person catches a glimpse and thinks “this would go so well with my tan hat and boho accessories”. The second person sees the same item and thinks “I have a floral scarf and bright pink bangles that would match this perfectly!”. However, there are some people that need inspiration to see the potential that certain items of clothing have. I don’t know how many times I’ve been on the fence about buying something, and once I’ve seen it paired nicely with another item or accessories, I have got to have it!

This is where you come in! Use your creativity to inspire other people to see the potential in your inventory. Not everyone is super stylish but everyone wants to feel beautiful and comfortable. Lend some of your pizzazz to your store and give your customers brand new, creative ways to see the fashion on display.

Here are a couple of examples of different ways to pair the exact same item:

Pink dress two



Pink dress one









See what we mean? Women can wear the same dress but have very different looks and styles- all based on what the item is paired with. They can even take on multiple looks for one item and increase the life and functionality of your apparel:


Dress functionality

All of a sudden your dress just became their favorite dress and your store is now a place they trust and will return to. Try switching the items up on a regular basis and see how people respond. You’ll be surprised about the positive feedback and how far little creative touches can inspire people around you, and in turn, allow them to see their true confidence shine!

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7 Tips for Choosing a Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Posted March 24, 2014 – 12:59 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

BrokeredPallets_from MACWhen you want to choose a wholesale clothing supplier, you must do your research, ask the right questions and get to the bottom of the issue quickly. When you make it a priority to spend a little extra time in advance, not only will you find a quality supplier for your needs, but you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

At Madison Avenue Closeouts, our goal is to be one of your wholesale clothing suppliers for women’s wear. We specialize in providing leading brands of apparel and accessories for your boutique or online store. Since we don’t carry many other items, here are seven tips for choosing other wholesale clothing suppliers to fill the rest of your shelves.

Buy Clothing in Bulk – If you run a shop, large or small, you should always strive to buy in bulk. When doing so, you can receive a large shipment of clothes to sell to your excited customers. More importantly, when you buy in a large lot, you can get a better deal. Think about it, if you can purchase 10-30 pieces at a time as we sell most of our women’s wholesale products, the seller will have an incentive to unload them for a lower price. This will, as mentioned, help you also please your customers when you can carry plenty of items in the same size and style. So, remember, first, you should ask the supplier if you can buy in bulk.

Look for Leading brands – If you want to make money and give your clients what they want and need, you must carry the leading brands that are likely to sell the quickest. With this, not only will people walk into your store to buy the top names, they are more likely to spend more money and return in the future. This is critical as you will want to set up good relationship with your clients. Simply put, if you offer the leading brands, your customers will return over and over.

Pallets of Wholesale Clothing – Now, if you want to get in on some good deals and offer your customers something special, you should ask the provider if they ever sell pallets of wholesale clothing. With returns, off-shelf buyouts and other clothing with no issues, you can get a great deal and pass the savings on to your buyers. Of course, some sellers are not forthcoming with this and you may want to ask ahead of time and remain persistent. Either way, if you want to get clothes on the cheap, you should ask the wholesaler if they sell in wholesale pallet amounts. At MAC, some of our best offers are in the wholesale clothing pallets we offer at discounted rates.

Great Selection of Sizes and Styles – Just as important as carrying leading brands, you need to offer a large selection to your clients. Think about it, some people will come in the store and have no idea on what they want or need. Other times, people will want to look at dozens of options. For this reason, when speaking with other wholesale clothing suppliers like ourselves, you must ask them if they offer a large selection of the products you carry in your store.

Company has a Strong Reputation – When you buy clothing from a wholesale supplier, you are taking a small risk. While not a huge deal, you must understand that you should find the highest quality organization offering plenty of customer services. To do this, you must make sure the company has a strong reputation and people have good things to say about the company. When you verify this, you can choose a provider without much fear.

Gives Back to the Area – Without a doubt, a successful company should, in due time, give back to the community. To do this, it should sponsor events, donate old items and give cash donations. If this is the case, you can choose a wholesale clothing supplier without fear. At Madison Avenue Closeouts, we give back to Feeding America, which helps feed those who are hungry in the USA. Remember, there are a lot of people in business and you should choose a company that gives back to the community.

Regular Newsletter – When you want to sell clothing, you should always have an idea of what is going on in the industry. If this is not the case, you will struggle to make your next move. For this reason, when you find a supplier, you should find one with a regular newsletter as this will offer you a chance to learn more about upcoming products and designs.

Sign up for Our Sale and New Product Alerts – It’s Free!

What do You Look for in a Wholesale Supplier?

Share your tips and ideas below… we welcome the feedback!

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5 Trendy Women’s Plus Size Fashion Styles for Spring 2014

Posted March 10, 2014 – 8:30 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

SR5In the world of fashion, trends are always changing. That’s part of what makes fashion fun and exciting. In the past, plus sized clothing often missed out on the latest looks. Fortunately, times have changed. With the recent 2014 fashion trends, we are seeing designers continue to create pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of shapeless and shiftless plus sized clothing. For some of the best in spring fashion 2014, look to these style choices below.

In this Madison Avenue Closeouts blog, we’ll discuss trendy fashion styles for 2014. We hope you’ll join the discussion at the end of the page and tell us what you feel is going to be a fashion hit this spring.

Use color to make a real impact.

Color is everywhere this spring, and the latest must-have is a pop of bright, neon color. Plus sized fashions are incorporating color in summer tops, skirts and shorts. If you’re looking to ease into bright colors and still want to accentuate the natural curves of a plus sized body, then try incorporating a colorful skinny belt into the fashion mix. These work with well with flirty skirts or long tunics.

From our Wholesale Clothing catalog:

Mix and match patterns and solids.

In the past, trendy plus sized fashion relied on a monochromatic look. Now, the latest trends include mixing and matching patterns and solids. Some of the best looks in this year’s trends: animal print capris matched with a solid-color top, or chevron stripes on maxi dresses or flouncy skirts.

Sandals with hardware add an edge to any look.

When it comes to trendy fashion for women, you can’t overlook a good shoe. Sandals are always popular in summer, but this year we’re seeing more and more hardware added to traditional gladiator sandals, wedges and flats. Metallic elements like small grommets, spikes or bands can elevate a basic look to a whole new level.

Trendy plus sized swimwear is anything but covered up.

The latest in beach looks for plus sized women embraces natural curves rather than covering them up. One of the more popular looks for spring 2014 is the high-waisted bikini bottom with a full halter-style top. This style gives support and coverage in all the right places, while still allowing plus sized women to look and feel sexy poolside or on the beach.

Denim is a staple for every season.

Just because the weather is warming up, doesn’t mean it’s time to put the denim away. A great way to incorporate denim into your spring and summer look? A cropped denim jacket. This is an updated, trendy style that works well in plus sized fashion. A great cropped jacket hits right at the natural waistline, making the most of a curvy body.

No matter what the size, women’s fashion can be trendy, fun and beautiful. Incorporate just a few – or all – of these fashion pieces into your spring wardrobe to give new life to existing pieces or take on a whole new look inspired by the latest trends.

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How to Open Your Own Women’s Clothing Boutique

Posted February 26, 2014 – 12:19 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

Opening up Your Own Small Business Specializing in Women’s Clothing can be a Great Way to Earn Income and Do More of What You Love

Increase_Storefront2Being a small business owner often allows you many opportunities including the possibility of flexible hours and the chance to be your own boss. If you love fashion, starting your own women’s clothing boutique can be an excellent way to become involved in the world of fashion and earn a living at the same time. Women with young children often find they can easily start such a business and have time to be there for their growing kids as well.

If you want to open up a women’s clothing boutique, you will have several factors to think about. A brick and mortar clothing boutique requires a physical location that has enough space to display your wares effectively to potential customers. Location is perhaps the most important aspect when opening up such a boutique. A good location will vary depending on your needs. In general, a good location will be one that allows you to commute there easily, has rent you can afford and has enough pedestrian traffic to help assure a steady flow of buyers.

A good location will also have enough storage space for you to store your wholesale clothing purchases. When opening up a boutique clothing store you will most likely want to purchase wholesale women’s clothing in bulk from wholesale apparel distributors like Madison Avenue Closeouts. Doing so has many advantages. Such advantages include the opportunity to buy from a quality supplier, have a specific look that you can market to your customers and have a very good idea of the kind of pricing you should consider.

For example, if you have a reliable wholesaler, you can typically get well-below wholesale pricing from them. You have the opportunity to know that you be able to buy as much as you of a certain dress for a specific price. You can then turn around and sell the dress you’ve bought at a specific price for a specific profit.

Special Offers to Help Boutique Owners

A reputable wholesale clothing dealer will able to be able to provide you with access to hot looks within a reasonable time frame. For example, women often see a starlet wearing a certain dress at an awards show or other occasion. They may want to purchase a copy or a similar look within a fairly quick time frame. The effective and reliable wholesaler can help you find a similar look for your customers at a price they can afford, with the quality they need at a price that will allow you to make a nice income from the sales.

Another important consideration when opening up a brick and mortar women’s clothing boutique is the layout of the store. Some commercial landlords have bare layouts that the owner can customize to suit their needs. Others have an already made layout that the existing renter must work with. The kind of layout you want depends on your preferences and needs.

If you have experience working in a woman’s clothing boutique, you may want to create your own layout, one that works best for you. If you have no such experience, a preexisting layout may be the best thing for you. Such a layout will allow you get your business off the ground initially. You can often move the shelving and display tables around afterwards if you decide another layout work best for your needs.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when opening and setting up your own woman’s clothing boutique. Careful preparation, close work with a reliable wholesaler and an understanding of your customer base are your keys to opening up a business that will suit your needs.

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How to Avoid Fraudulent Credit Card Use at Your Boutique Clothing Business

Posted February 19, 2014 – 10:42 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

Credit Card Fraud is at an All Time High – Use the Tips on this Page to Help Prevent Fraudulent Charges at your Store

credit-card-swipeIt’s an unfortunate fact that credit card fraud happens, not only for the victims, but for shop owners who it happens to. Credit card fraud can cost you a lot of money and time that can better be spent furthering your business than trying to make sense of the wreck someone with less than desirable morals left behind.

For instance, a stolen credit card used to make purchases at your business can result in you losing the items you sell as well as the money, since you would need to refund the money to the proper holder of the card. However, there are ways to prevent credit card fraud. Being aware of suspicious activity at the time of purchase can be a big help.

In this article at Madison Avenue Closeouts, we want to share tips to help avoid credit card fraud at your local business. As always, we’d love it if you join the discussion at the end of the page and provide any additional ways you prevent fraud at your business.

Record ALL Information from your Credit Card Customers

If you are making a sale online or over the phone, make sure you take down all of the relevant information: the name on the card, the card number, it’s expiration date and security code. Also ensure that you take the address down, and if anyone seems hesitant to give a full name or proper address, inform them that you are unable to serve them unless they do so. No one has any reason to deny this information unless they are taking part in a fraudulent transaction.

Be Extra Vigilant with Different Billing and Shipping Addresses

Sometimes customers will have different billing and shipping addresses; this can be completely normal, particularly if they own their own business and have the bill sent to their home address. However, it is a red flag you should be aware of. If a customer has different addresses listed, inquire about the reason behind it and make a note somewhere in your ledger so that you have evidence in the event that fraud occurs.

Check with your card processor or bank, some require that the items purchased MUST be shipped to the same billing address. In some cases, they will decline a payment for different addresses.

Watch for Large Purchases from Unknown Customers

Many times, someone with a stolen credit card will try to get as much use out of it in the time they have as possible. Even if you sell items in bulk, keep an eye out for abnormally large orders; this can be a sign that someone is attempting to commit credit card fraud. We have a wide range of bulk clothing lots at Madison Avenue Closeouts, and often have to verify cards for security.

Establish a policy of several days for verification before shipping out orders over a certain number of items. This protects both you and the cardholder, allowing you time to contact their credit card company and verify the order before shipping it.

Verify the Card Through the Credit Card Company

Trust your gut feeling. If something seems “off” about a certain order, thank the customer and tell them you need to check on status or some other excuse. Take the time to get in touch with their credit card company and verify the legitimacy of their order by making sure the card is in the hands of the right person. You can help prevent fraud from ever occurring, and you also potentially save a stranger a lot of hassle and headache.

For phone orders or large internet purchases, you may consider requesting the customer to fax you copies of their identification and credit card. If they’re unable to do so, politely deny them service in the name of safety.

Respond to Fraud Quickly to Avoid Further Use

Even with all these precautions, fraud can still occur. When this happens, you should spring into action! Contact the local police and report the crime, then contact the card holder’s bank and have them contact the cardholder to make them aware of the situation. If you have the shipping address, alert the authorities in that city; you may be able to recover any lost merchandise. By being proactive in the fight against fraud, you can better secure your business and your income.

How Do You Fight Fraud at your Local Store?

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Fashion Bargains for Spring 2014 – Stock Up Now to Meet the Demand!

Posted February 12, 2014 – 9:02 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

Finding Wholesale Bargains and Following Fashion Trends

Color_CockatooSpring is just around the corner and your customers are already starting to look past the snow and into their closets. As women’s thoughts turn to the prospect of warmer weather, they start to think about spring wardrobe planning. Spring is a time when many women buy new clothing for work, special occasion dresses and other items like shoes and hats.

As a retailer, you need to be ready to meet the Spring 2014 fashion needs of your customers, and as the warm season pushes forward, you need to have stock on hand to make sure their customers can easily find what they want.

How You Can Prepare for Springtime Shoppers

The best way to prepare for the up and coming spring rush is to make sure your store has all necessary stock on hand in advance. Many customers start planning their spring outfits as soon as March shows up. Families go looking in stores for the right Easter Sunday outfit walk to church in or attend a spring party or even go on vacation.

Buying wholesale lots is one of the best ways you can meet the coming demand. A single dress might be prohibitively expensive for a sufficient markup. However, the same dress, bought in quantities of fifteen to thirty piece lots, provides the lower costs you need to bolster your profit margin.

The same is very much true for many other products such as skirts and shoes. Buying in bulk is ideal. When buying in bulk, pay careful attention to the preferences of your customers. Think about what has sold in the past. If pastel and bright colors were popular last season, chances are they will also be popular this year.

Shop Our Wholesale Bulk Lots at Madison Avenue Closeouts

How to Spot the Trends

If you need to find out whats going to be popular and don’t know where to start, look carefully through fashion magazines and websites. For example, many designers and retailers have complete sections dedicated to the Spring 2014 fashion trends readily available for you to learn. Look through these great resources for guidance.

When do you begin stocking up for springtime shoppers, and which websites do you visit for inspiration and planning?

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Sure Bets on eBay – How to Buy Quality Products that Sell Quickly!

Posted February 5, 2014 – 10:00 am in: Wholesale Closeout News

Online_4For eBay store owners that want to sell more clothing on the world’s online reseller marketplace, you should know a few tips to finding products that will attract attention and that will easily sell. Women’s clothing and accessories are some of the top sellers overall on eBay because this is where people come to find the exact size, color, style and vintage for which they are searching. These clothing products will sell almost every time they are listed.

In this Madison Avenue Closeouts blog, we’re going to help you learn how to find the right wholesale products to sell on eBay. We encourage you to join the comments at the bottom of the page and share your experience with selling fashion products on eBay.

Tips for Buying Products that Sell on eBay or in your Women’s Fashion Boutique

First, marketplace sellers should stock their eBay stores with items that are traditional closet staples in all sizes, including misses, petites and plus size. These are pieces that have been around for years without undergoing drastic changes or going out of style. Every woman needs to keep several of these pieces in her closet because they are foundational for numerous outfits. Many women turn to eBay to find these items for a bargain. A few examples would include neutral-colored spaghetti-strap tank tops and T-shirts, a white button-down shirt, a black dress, a pencil skirt, khaki pants, skinny jeans, cocktail dresses, and a neutral-colored cardigan sweater.

Second, sellers should list clothing that is trendy. One way to do this is to choose pieces that feature the year’s hottest color. According to Pantone, the color for 2014 is radiant orchid, and the color changes at the beginning of each year. Most trendy pieces stay around for no more than one or two years. These pieces sell exceptionally well while they are at the height of their popularity as buyers search everywhere for a bargain on these pieces and snap them up when they find them. Recent trendy pieces include colored denim pants, chambray shirts, cropped jackets and metallic accessories, such as shoes, purses and jewelry.

Third, eBay sellers should list brand name women’s apparel, particularly pieces that were limited editions. One of the best examples of this is designers who create seasonal lines for top-name stores. Because there are not many of these items created in the first place, they are very hot products and will sell almost as soon as they are listed. Sellers who want to list other high-end, name-brand designer clothing should search for pieces that are unique and trendy or should search for items that have come quite recently from the runway. Madison Avenue Closeouts is proud to offer only high end, finest quality brand name designer clothing to our customers. Learn more on our frequently asked questions page.

Fourth, seasonal clothing and accessories always sell well because women want to find bargains on new spring and fall wardrobes. One of the best sellers during the fall is boots of all varieties. Women search eBay for boots (click here to see our wholesale lot of designer boots) because they can be quite expensive when purchased at typical retail stores. Designer sunglasses and sandals sell well during the spring when women want to stock their summer wardrobes.

Finally, one of the best ways to sell clothing quickly is to list it with fabulous pictures and detailed descriptions. Buyers on eBay are unable to try on the clothing and accessories; therefore, they want to know exactly what they are getting in order to decrease returns. Clothing should be photographed from at least two or three angles, preferably on a mannequin. The listings should include specific information on colors, sizes, fabrics and wear. Of course, clothing without tears or fraying will sell far better than clothing that has noticeable wear.

Because there are so many clothing items listed online every day, it is vital to sell products that will stand out in the crowd. Of course, creating a clothing listing with excellent details and multiple pictures will attract buyers.

What Do You Look For when Searching for the Best Selling Products for your eBay Store or Fashion Boutique?


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Can You Do Anything?

Posted October 31, 2013 – 12:42 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

Can you do anything about…Hunger – it’s an issue right here in the U.S. that touches over 50 million Americans.


  • 1 in 6 Americans does not have access to enough food
  • 17 million children are living in households with limited food
  • 2 million rural households experience food insecurity

Considering these statistics makes you think, “Someone should do something.” At least that was our reaction at Madison Avenue Closeouts and then we realized – WE ARE SOMEBODY!

fight hunger, feeding america

Therefore, as of November 1, 2013 we will be instituting a new standard in our business practices. We will be supporting the efforts of Feeding America with every single order we receive. A portion of the profits we receive will be donated to feeding hungry families across America.

This is a small sacrifice for us that will make a huge impact as we are able to consistently give back to ending hunger in America! We want our customers to feel positive about the mission of our company and the causes we stand behind. Madison Avenue Closeouts believes that we have a responsibility to look outside ourselves and help others anyway we can. We are very excited about this and hope you are excited to join us in this effort.

See how much you know about hunger by taking this QUIZ and learn more about the Feeding America organization.

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Flat Rate Shipping Arrives: Press Release

Posted July 11, 2013 – 12:56 pm in: Wholesale Closeout News

This week we rolled out our new policy of $5 flat rate shipping on all orders. Check out this press release that went to media outlets detailing this new opportunity


Headline: Flat Rate Shipping Arrives at Leading Wholesale Apparel Distributor

Unforeseen shipping and handling costs can be very frustrating for online shoppers. In an unprecedented move, Madison Avenue Closeouts is now offering $5 flat rate shipping on all orders, while still maintaining their prices at well below wholesale.


Madison Avenue Closeouts, an online wholesale apparel distributor, always seeks new ways to bring customers upscale, quality products at below wholesale prices. The MAC team has found a way to give customers even more value by eliminating pesky shipping and handling charges that creep into customer’s shopping carts. Too many customers abandon their online shopping carts due to unforeseen shipping charges, clearly indicating the need for a change. Making an unprecedented move in the wholesale apparel industry, Madison Avenue Closeouts rolled out a new policy this week offering a $5 flat rate on every order.


Research has shown that nearly 63% of customers abandon their purchases when faced with excessive shipping charges1. Madison Avenue Closeouts takes pride in understanding their customers and recently noticed that some were leaving their shopping carts during the checkout process. Knowing that customers use shipping charges as the second highest factor (behind product price) when comparison shopping online2, the MAC team was challenged to find a solution for the abandoned cart problem.

flat rate shipping

The team spent time investigating industry practices and marketing research about company’s shipping policies and consumer behavior. One study found that 54% of respondents chose free or flat rate shipping as the most favorable discount or special leading to their future purchase intention3. Considering this, the idea was raised, “What if we could make shipping a flat rate, so our customers know exactly what they will pay before they ever get to the checkout?” This might seem crazy but the MAC team felt it could be done, and done well so both parties would benefit.


The first step was finding the shipping cost per piece of apparel on an annual average. Then determining if the shipping and handling cost could be incorporated and leveled out with a flat rate per order. The wholesale distributor concept is to buy large quantities of overstock apparel at liquidated prices, break down this apparel into logical collections perfect for the independent retailer or small boutique, and offer these collections at below wholesale prices. Because Madison Avenue Closeouts is able to work with their apparel sources to ensure the lowest price per item, it was possible to offer customers a $5 flat rate per order to cover shipping charges.


The wholesale apparel company believes in offering the best value in the industry with a personalized touch. Setting a flat shipping rate of $5 per order allows the MAC customer to find perfect merchandise for their store without being deterred by sneeky shipping fees. This also aids in keeping the price per piece lower for the retailer. Madison Avenue Closeouts knows there is nothing more frustrating than a customer going to their shopping cart and realizing the final cost is more than expected because of shipping and handling. That is why from this point forward: MAC Customer Final Cost = Product Price + $5, every time they order!”


Check out the great wholesale collections and take advantage of $5 flat rate shipping from Madison Avenue Closeouts @


1. David K. Williams, “What is the ideal method to charge for shipping.” (15 May 2013). Accessed 10 July 2013.


2, 3. “Shipping costs heavily affect online customer behavior, loyalty.” (5 June 2012). Accessed 10 July 2013.



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